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Data Centre Services

Data centre services encompass all of the technology and facility-related components or activities that support the projects and operation of a data centre, which is an environment that provides processing, storage, networking, management and the distribution of data within an enterprise.
Web Mission Technologies’ skilled team installs both Copper and Fiber cabling infrastructure solutions, pre terminated or field terminated to client specifications. Our experienced technicians test all cables and perform a variety of services

Data Centre New Builds

  • Installation Of Racks & Cabinets
  • Cable tray installation ( over head and under raised floor )
  • Data Cabling (Cat 6, 6A)
  • Fibre optics (Single Mode, Multimode, Pre-terminated)
  • Patching of Network switches & servers
  • Commissioning & Decommissioning of network devices

Data Center Audit & Move

Overtime, the data centres and servers becomes out of date and starts having issues with accuracy. Also, the cabling becomes pretty untidy and worn. This result in inefficiency and faults. To deal with this issue, data center audit is the right option to go with. Get your data center back in control with a full data centre audit service.
Every so often, it is good practice to do a full audit and establish a fully accurate documentation and server baseline. This simplifies ongoing management and makes fault-finding significantly faster reducing your downtime.

Get Your Data Center Moved or Migrated

To ensure that the servers can be moved, re-installed and function with the least possible downtime, the new location needs to be successfully pre-wired and ready to receive the equipment.
This requires that an accurate map of each of the servers, switch and ancillary equipment documented – together with their exact interconnections – must be prepared in advance of the move. At Web Mission Technologies Inc., we help with data center audit and move to help migrate your servers without any fault.